edgesAvailable Edging

Polished edges adds character and elegance to any stone. Edge treatments can be as simple and modern as a flat polish or pencil edge or be as complex and ornate as a the triple waterfall or ogee.

Pencil Edge
The simplest and most durable edge treatment. This style is dominantly flat with a slight bevel on the top to break the sharpness of the stone. The pencil edge is recommended for those who wish to accomplish a modern kitchen. This edge comes in either a double sided or top only flavors. 

Half Round
The next step from a pencil edge is a half round also known as Demi-Bullnose. This edge is for those who want a durable countertop with rounder profile.

Full Bull Nose
The full Bullnose is the half round’s big brother. This edge is a double sided version of the half round. The bottom of granite is often sharp. For those who have younger children, the full Bullnose is a wise choice.

The ogee is one of our more ornate edges. It starts of with a sharp edge followed by a half round towards the bottom. This stone is perfect for those who wish a taste of elegance. It is not recommended for those who have children as both the top and the bottom can be sharp. The curvature does take away from the strength however the style is rewarding.